Title: Orfeus_Remix
opera, electronica
Komponeret: 21.04.2007
Score: See list below

Is an Experimental Electronic Opera for two soloists –
Orfeus: Joachim Knop
Eurydice: Kiki Brandt
The opera is an attempt to create a new surrounding for the Myth about Orfeus and Eurydike.
In the faboulus poem Orfeus and Eurydike Revisited by Morten Søndergaard, rewrites Morten the myth in a personal, abstract version in maybe present times meeting between man and woman. The opera is stumbling down into the underworld, puffing and huffing, trying to grasp word and
humanity. Orfeus-Remix is a harsh, ruff and scrappy scetch Orfeus-Remix is for sopran, baryton, Electric Cello, Electric double bass, computer track and effects.

List of score:

Orf scene 1

Orf scene 2

Orf Scene 3.1

Orf Scene 3.2

Orf scene 4

Orf scene 5

Orf Scene 6.1

Orf Scene 6.2

Orf Scene 7

Orf. Scene 9