Danish composer .
Bo Lundby-Jaeger har written more than 60 pieces
of music, in all kinds of constellations.
BLJ’s music is an eclectic mirage, a choice of many genres and stylistic ideas –
As such he can be difficult to generalize .
His music spans from serious Opera to fantasy computer gaming music – from children’s opera to ambient electronica.
From rock songs to quiet love ballads.
BLJ has worked as an conducter in Denmark and abroad – among other, conducted his own Opera at The Funen Opera,
BLJ has worked as a assistant Choir master for The Royal Danish Opera.
BLJ has given numerous concerts in Denmark and abroad on piano and organ. He is an accomplished soloist on both instruments …
BLJ’s music : Works by Bo Lundby-Jaeger can be bought at iTunes under
Bo Lundby-Jaeger
Danish record company DACAPO has released
Bo Lundby-Jæger Chamber Music & Songs in april 2009.

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