73. Sekvenser (Sugar Theatre)

Sekvenser (Sugar Theatre)
Instrument/genre: opera
Komponeret: 2016

Part of Exhibition in PANUM, exhibited a full year at Panum-institute Copenhagen.

The Exhibition is called “Sugar Chorus” by Morten Soendergaard whose poetry an exhibit is commenting on sugar and metabolism.

My contribution is:
8 Opera singers recorded separately an exhibited each one in 8 body sized monitors.

The piece is a double quartet,
The first group of singers S1, A1, T1, B1 sings sentences from glucose text. The second quartet of singers S2, A2, T2, B2 sings material from metabolism. The amount of music and time is equal for both quartets.

I ‘ve used the following sentences for my work SEKVENSER:

Glucose: S1, A1, T1, B1, Sequence 1:
– N-acetylgalactosamine, – Galactose,

– N-acetylneuraminic acid,

– Mannose,
– Fucose
Sequence 2:
-Enzymatic process where sugars are added to proteins and lipids. -Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.

-Zinc finger nucleases, glycosyltransferases, enzymes that build sugars. -Macromolecules with high density of sugar found in body fluids. Sequence 3:
-Type of protein, type of protein found on mycein…

-more than two-hundred glycosyltransferases enzymes are found in man and these orchestrate the synthesis of enormous diversity in glycan structures on proteins and lipids.

Sequence 4:
-The Major allogenic difference and barrier for for blood transfusion and organ transplantation in man is the blood group ABO system, – the ABH antigens that cause immunological reactions if unmatched are simple sugar structures consisting of…

The main host cell for production of recombinant glycoprotein therapeutics,

… such as antibodies, coagulation factors and enzymes for replacement therapy…

Sequence 5:
-We have developed the simple cell strategy in which glycosylation is genetically simplified in Cells to enable efficient enrichment of defined glycoprotein’s and characterization of glycoproteomes by…. Mass spectrometry

-Complex glycans represent the third language of life after DNA and proteins.

Metabolism S2, A2, T2, B2

Sequence 1:
-AMP-activated protein kinase regulates nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase expression in skeletal muscle.

Sequence 2:
-signaling in vitro is associated with robust incretin secretagogue action ex vivo and in vivo

Sequence 3:
-The gastrointestinal tract plays a major role in the regulation of postprandial glucose profiles.

Sequence 4:
-It is widely accepted that obesity and associated metabolic diseases…. are intimately linked to diet

Sequence 5:
-Metabolites are not just fuel and building blocks, key metabolites are signaling molecules just like hormones and neurotransmitters

See score for sekvenser